Make new candles with leftover wax

Since Mr. Frugal and I eat almost every dinner at home, we try to use candles to make our meal more interesting and romantic. Also, we like to light up several candles during our dinner party to make the place more cozy. After a while, we wind up having a lot of “leftover” wax. Of course I can dump them and make new ones, however, I feel bad when I do not utilize things to its full value. Thus, I decided to melt these “leftover” wax and make new candles out of them.

Two used candles with center almost hollow

First, clean the leftover wax and remove any sticker, dust and/or wick. Usually, there is a metal piece on the other end of the wick, use a knife to remove it.

Remove the sticker at the bottom of the leftover wax

Next, heat up a pot of water. Place your candle heater inside the heated water. The 1 gallon heater I use only costs ~$5. Put your leftover wax into the candle heater.

Put the candle heater inside a pot of hot water

If you have leftover candle jars, feel free to reuse them. If not, I use the milk cardboard container instead (I steal this idea from Mr. Frugal).

Cut a milk cardboard container

Next, use two wicks to make a cross. Put the horizontal one on the edge of the container. Adjust the position so that the wick is at the center bottom of the container. Without the help of the horizontal wick, it is very easy for the other wick to float with the liquid pouring in. You really want the wick to be all the way to the bottom of the candle.

Make a cross with two wicks

Finally, pour the liquid wax in. Keep it slow and make sure the wick is in the middle of the candle.

Pour the liquid wax in

Finally, be patient and wait for the wax to get solid again. You will be able to see how the color changes and that is pretty fun.

Nice color change
From leftover to final product.

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